SCUBA diving in Tarkarli

Scuba diving in Tarkali is an extremely popular and exotic underwater experience that lets you get closer to the magnificent nature, matchless flora and fauna along with the amazing coral reef. This destination is ideal for the peace lovers, while it is located in isolation to let you surrender yourself to the tranquility and serenity under the water. Experience the waves and the mesmerizing water currents while Marine Diving in Malvan and get a glimpse of the rich marine life. We promise you to encounter fascinating fishes, sharks, turtles and so much more all swimming around you, by length!

1)Commercial diving in Tarkarli: In this diving technique, diver carries a tube connected to the oxygen source which is placed on a boat near the dive site. Air compressor is used as a source of oxygen. This type of dives is termed as commercial dive which is outdated today.

2)Professional diving in Tarkarli: In this technique of SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli, oxygen cylinder is used as source of oxygen. SCUBA diver carries an oxygen cylinder along with him. Cylinder dives offer much more freedom to the diver and also helps the diver to achieve greater depths and cover more points than commercial scuba diving in Malvan.