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  • Boat Service

We provide a registered safety fiber coated plywood boat. We have life jackets and floating rings for more safer side. Boat has siting arranged and equipped with all needy facilities. It powered with new outboard marine engine having power capacity 16 HP.

  • PADI Diver guides

Well trained PADI divers are merged in our group. They will train you before diving under water. They will instruct you from start to finish and successfully complete your SCUBA diving session.

  • Free Photography

An extra third person comes with you underwater for your shooting and click your snap during your SCUBA session. We are using waterproof Nikon camera for professional scuba diving where as GOPRO camera for scuba diving in tarkarli.

  • Swimming pool session

Before go to deep dive, we train our visiting divers in Swimming pool/tank called swimming pool session. We conduct below training session of 1 hour.

  • Information about the SCUBA equipment
  • Breathing technique under water
  • Mask Clearing Technique
  • Regulator Recovery
  • Equalizing ears pressure