Deep diving in Tarkarli

This is an advanced category of scuba diving in tarkarli. Dig deep into the beauty of the underwater world around you at Tarkarli beach. Experience an unrivaled majesty that would certainly captivate and leave you astounded at the natural offerings that are simply superb and out of the world. You would get a thorough guidance and a live support system to back your amazing journey towards Tarkarli to a new unexplored aspect of life.

Our Pre-training for deep dive in Tarkali included

  1. Awareness of all Scuba equipment and its proper use.
  2. Underwater breathing technique
  3. Regulator removal/regulator recovery
  4. Mask cleaning
  5. Shifting on alternate air source and use BCD
  6. Basic swimming technique for Non-swimmers

No Test, No Exams, All you need to do is relax and have a fun.
Tarkarli deep diving is suitable for age more than 10 years.
We will go to maximum depth 12 m under a close supervision of our instructors. Duration of each dive will be 30 to 40 minutes.